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Wow! Where do I start? I travelled to Vietnam as part of a group just to ride with Hoa in Vietnam due to his excellent reviews and knowledge through my instructors intense research from Perth, with his dream of Global Motorcycle Skills in Perth taking a group of students to Vietnam for an epic inaugural trip. We did a personally tailored trip of 7 days riding doing a round trip North from Hanoi. Mixed riding abilities/styles and ages, myself only riding for 9 months, all turned up to ride well turned out Honda CB500x. Each bike was well maintained and had a top box for gear. We met Hoa, Vu Truong and our support vehicle driven by Hoa's uncle at Hanoi, geared up, ready for departure through heavy traffic north. Vu Truong was our TEC and mechanic for the trip and his support was immeasurable as was Uncle with getting our gear to us and drinks at every stop. Our group rode to their own abilities so spread out at times, we stopped for photos at our leisure and the TEC always stayed with us. I drifted to the back at times just to take extra time to take in the scenery and Vu Truong was always smiling in my mirror, even with me pulling some questionable manoeuvres at times, he stuck with the last group member, I never feared I'd be left behind or get lost at any stage. The ride chosen for us was challenging, breathtaking and memorable, we are going to return in November and maybe earlier if possible. Every day brought fantastic food stops and well thought out accommodation options for a group of 6 including myself as a female, I always felt safe with Golden Buffalo Rider. The family homestays were well kept, clean, friendly and food was amazing, the rice wine flowed freely yip yip yip haha. Hotels chosen by Hoa were fancy by western standards. Bike maintenance was carried out daily, chains were oiled, tyres checked, and bikes washed where possible, readied every night, for another days adventures without us lifting a finger. Our bags were at our accommodation and ready for us to change on arrival. Plenty of rest stops in a well thought out exhilarating adventure travelling up through the Hai Gang loop along the Chinese border and returning to Hanoi, we saw so much that could only be experienced on a bike, this is a must do experience for any seasoned traveller that has ridden. Golden Buffalo Rider will always be my preferred guide for my future trips through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand that are on my bucket list. Massive thanks to all the crew at Golden Buffalo Rider for such a professionally run trip, you out did yourselves and exceeded my expectations!!

Amazing North Vietnam trip
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