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Touring this magical region by motorbike is the only way to do it.  We use very big motorbikes which is comfortable and convenient for long distances. We will provide 500cc off road bikes as part of the package, and clients may wish to upgrade to bigger ones for an additional fee.


These are not roads for travelling at a high speed.  As an indication, it takes one hour to travel 50km on a straight highway in Vietnam. The route of this tour is windy and travels through many local villages with riders enjoying the freedom to stop for photos and breaks and to visit local markets along the way.

Clothing & Equipment

Helmet – We do not provide or rent helmets due to safety and hygiene.  Clients can bring their own or buy one in Vietnam at a cost of 50 USD per helmet upwards.

Boots – Bring sturdy boots but heavy dirt bike boots are not necessary.

Jacket & Pants – Reinforced safety jacket and jeans (Draggin) are suitable.

Wet Weather – These can be purchased cheaply in Vietnam if needed.

Support Vehicle

A support vehicle will accompany the tour transporting non-riders and luggage. 

Accommodation, Restaurants & Amenities

The best available hotels will be used in the remote country towns.  These will be basic but clean.  Restaurants along the route will also be basic with toilet facilities being clean but may be squat toilets.  The only alcohol available in the countryside is beer, rice wine and cheap vodka.  But table wine and spirits can be transported in the bus.  Soft drink is limited to coke and sprite so if tonic or soda is required, then this should also be brought on the bus

In the morning, the motorbike adventure begins from Hanoi. We start the dirt bike tour to the head of Nhat Tan Bridge before turning the Red River dyke towards Vinh Phuc Province. Off-roads and single tracks are prioritized for better riding experiences and avoiding national routes with heavy traffic and large transportations. Along the Red River, you will pass countless small villages amid vast fields with groups of buffalos and cows wandering. Stop at Thay Pagoda for a while to take a rest and some nice photos. After lunch (your own cost), we will cross through the tea plantations of H' mong people and explore a few Dzao villages before reaching to your homestay in Vu Linh, Thac Ba Lake. Most roads you have been through are rugged and challenging for any bikers—dinner at a local house of Dzao people. After dinner, enjoy some local evening activities like singing, dancing, and learning to play their instruments if you wish. Thac Ba Lake is a manmade lake in Yen Bai province, created by construction of the Thac Ba hydroelectric plant in 1960s. The Yao (often spelt Dao or Dzao) have been in Vietnam since the 13th century, and are one of the first ethnic groups to settle in the northern mountain provinces of Lao Cai, Yen Bai, and Ha Giang. Yao agriculture developed over centuries and Yao medicine draws heavily from the secrets of the land. Yao people cultivate many medicinal herbs, which not only treat illnesses and ailments, but are used for soothing herbal baths and therapeutic massages.

After our homestay breakfast, enjoy the beauty of Thac Ba Lake in the morning. We pack up and jump on the bikes for an exciting journey to Ha Giang. On the bikes again for a day of picturesque riding through lush greenery, local villages and mountain roads to Ha Giang city. This motorbike riding part could be the best for the whole trip. We will overnight at Ha Giang where we ask for permission to ride along the border. Lunch is on your own and dinner is included at local restaurant. Ha Giang is a city located on the banks of Lo River in the Northeast region of Vietnam. It is the capital of Ha Giang province.

After breakfast at your homestay, enjoy fresh air in the morning, we leave Ha Giang and travel through some seriously gorgeous karst scenery that gives us a sensational contrast to the lush farmlands. This is truly iconic Vietnamese scenery, riding motorbike through the winding mountain passes, you will have the most relaxing and enjoyable of the whole motorbike tour Northeast Vietnam. Next adventure is a ride on small bumpy roads to reach Bac Sum, the steepest slope in Ha Giang. From a distance, Bac Sum looks like a soft strip of silk curling around the high mountains of the Northeast. Spend some time standing on the top of the slope, and you will feel overwhelmed as if you are lost in a fairyland with the majestic natural scenery spreading out insight. We keep riding to Quan Ba Twin Mountain - a spectacular nature artwork. Amidst the immense space of terraced fields and rocky mountains, two strange mountains shaped like the breasts of a young girl suddenly emerge, making tourists feel surprised by the miracle of nature. Sung La valley will be our next stop that is famous for its gorgeous triangle flower fields. If you visit Ha Giang on the last days of the year (around November and December), you will admire the incredible sight of triangle flowers blooming all over mountainsides and foothills. The green of mountains combined with the pink of flowers and the yellow of the sun creates a romantic setting that can hardly be found anywhere else. Lunch is your own cost in Yen Minh Town. Ride on a zig-zag track until reaching Vuong Family’s Residence, 14 kms before Dong Van. Vuong Family was considered the King of the Hmong People in Dong Van, Ha Giang. Their residence was built in the scenic valley of Sa Phin with Chinese architecture. The whole house was built out of wood and rock only. The rocks for the buildings were imported from China. Vuong Family Residence is a masterpiece of man work in the valley of heavenly beauty of Sa Phin. Overnight in the ancient town of Dong Van, famous for its historic architecture and preservation of age-old customs and habits, intangible cultural values of the ethnic minority groups. Overnight at Dong Van Town!


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