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The Best Motorbike Tour in Southeast Asia 22 Days


Maybe you are too familiar with classic motorbike tours, but now, we offer you a very new special long journey through Indochina. Indochina - an historic area of Asia - includes three close neighboring countries: Vietnam - Lao - Cambodia. These nations always take an deep impress for truly bikers who want to approach the top of freedom. You will have a chance to catch many beautiful mountain passes, breathtaking landscapes, war historical places where you can discover many diverse local ethnic people’s culture. This 22-day tour running from Hanoi then Lao, Cambodia and finally to Hue will take you go through some highlight places such as: Phonsavan- Lao (famous for very attractive lush fields, Luang Prabang - an ancient capital of Laos, placed nearby Mekong river with a lot of majestic waterfalls, travelling through famous Ho Chi Minh trail, Angkor wat and beautiful romantic cities in Vietnam - Hue and Hoi An. Hopefully you will be ready to explore this amazing tour.

Day 1: Hanoi – Mai Chau 150km

The amazing motorbike tour will be started from Hanoi at about to avoid traffic jam. From the west outskirt of Hano i, there is just one straight road which takes us to Son Tay along the Red river, then ride on the new road to Hoa Binh Province. After lunch in Yen Lac, you will head up to the North and reach beautiful view of the endless limestone peaks combined with idyllic scenery, this is absolutely incomparable. We head straight at the main range before reaching to a beautiful high forested pass, which descends into the hidden valley Mai Chau. At around 4.00 pm, we arrive in Mai Chau and take a short trip to explore the town, just before dinner. Then you can attend the traditional Thai Dance performance, where you can dance and share a range of special liquors (rice wine) with the locals. It will be a night to remember. Overnight in a house-on-stilts of the Thai people.

Day 2 : Mai Chau - Xam Neua 225 km

After breakfast in Moc Chau, we start the second day with the real windy road to Na Meo border crossing. Following this road in about two hours, we enter to Laos. Laos also is famous for beautiful scenery of limeston karts and specific rain forest. After having lunch at the boder of Laos, we take a chance to visit Vieng Xai – the headquarter of Pha Thet Laos, where have nearly 500 caves used by the Pathet Lao during Second Indochina War. The second day ends in Nam Neua,  at local hotel.

Day 3: Xam Neua – Vieng Thong 140km

In the next morning, we take a short trip to explore Sam Neua’s market – a small market but very interesting. Then we get on bike again. The trip is quite short, just about 140km but the half of it is quite dirt because the road is still under construction with mixture of gravel and tarmac. We overnight in a hotel at Muang Vieng Thong.

Day 4: Vieng Thong – Luang Prabang 260km

The next day we have to face quite hard road. Simply put, it is long, bumpy and  winding road trip. The road resembles of a lunar landscape and there are endless pothles due to poor quality surface, the top layer eroded to reveal the gravel underlayer. This is a true challenge for an advantuous riders. But all difficuties will gone when we reach Luang Prabang. Stay at hotel in Luang Prabang.

Day 5: Rest day in Luang Prabang

In this day, we have a rest to explore this beautiful city. Designated as the first UNESCO listed site in Laos, the city itself offers a treasure trove of discoveries. There are some famous local landmarks you can visit: Alms ceremony – monks at dawn collecting alms of rice from kneeling villagers and tourists, who form the majority, along Sakkaline Road near Wat Sensoukharam. Haw Kham – the former royal palace and now national museum. Phou Si/ Chomsy Hill – the main hill in the city from which you have a good view of the whole area. Still stay at hotel in night.

Day 6: Luang Prabang – Phonsavan 265 km

After one day resting, we continue the jouney to next place – Phonsavan. One of the attractable remark is beautiful winding mountain roads and up-to-down hill. Ride your motorbike  with some stops in local trill-tribe villages along road no.6. Lunch in a restaurant in Pho Khoun before heading on way to Muong Kham and stop to visit Tham Piew cave. The tour day finishes in Phosavan, stay at hotel.

Day 7: Phonsavan – Vieng Thong ( bolikhamxai province ) 260km

After breakfast, we ride to Site 1 of Plain of Jars for our first look at the mysterious site. It gets its name from the hundreds of stone jars scattered across the landscape, ranging in site from 1-2.5 meters in height. There is considerable speculation as to the origin of the jars. Then we head to Muong Khoun-  the capital of XiengKhoang Province. There is time to visit temples such as Wat Chom Phet and Wat That Phoun which were built the same time as That Luang in Vientiane. We check in hotel at Vieng Thong in that night.

Day 8: Vieng Thong – Nakai 180km

Riding ahead to road No.8 then stop at the Sala Viewpoint for a panoramic look over the karst limestones formations. Then we ride south over the Nakai Plateau, with a good road from Na Hin to Lax Xao – a commercial town near Vietnam border.  The road from Lax Xao to Na Kai is unpaved but is  not too bad. We’ll stop along the way to look over the resettlement villages from the massive hydroelectric project.

Day 9: Nakai – Xepon 250km

In the 9th day of the journey, we ride through Nakai to Xepon with about 250 km of riding. Sepon is a village in the Sepone administrative district, it was the target of Operation Lam Son 719 in 1971, an attempt by the armed forces of South Vietnam and the United States to cut the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The countryside was mountainous, broken, and covered in subtropical forest. Specially, Sepon was located on the north bank of the Sepon River that runs in a trough between two natural, high ridges. This beautiful scenery alsolutely creates a lot of memories for you and your partner.

Day 10 Xepon – Salavan 180km

The road from Xepon to Salavan is also cut by Ho Chi Minh Trail, it is a place happened a lot of  big events about Indochine War. The ride is a bit tough, with stream crossings, tree blocking the trail and lots of bamboo stretching out onto our way. Beside the road you will see a lot of bomb craters.

Day 11 Salavan – Attapeu 170km (90km dirt road)

The next day is still a ride on dirt road passing dense bamboo groves and jungle, and many small river have to be crossed. On the way we will stop at Xekatangtok waterfall, one of the most beautiful place in the Dong Hua Sao National Protected Area, before arriving in Attapeu in the afternoon.

Day 12 Attapeu – Khong Island 200km

Riding on dirt-road is so fun when you join a motor tour. Today we will cross river, too. Amazing things on road 200km are waiting for you. We will ride the most southern off-road area of Laos and come out by King Fisher Eco Lodge for lunch before continuing the ride to Khong Island. The area is well known by its islands spreading out on the Mekong before it enters Cambodia, with 4000 big and small islands creating a beautiful picture that I think they will make you want to die! B,L,D at local hotel.

Day 13 Khong Island rest day (B,L,D at local hotel)

Khong Island or Don Khong is the largest island and the seat of administration in the Si Phan Don riverinearchipelago located in the Mekong River. You can rent a longtail boat to visit the surrounding islands of Done Ket and Done Som. Continue to Done Khone Island and hike along its ancient railway to visit the Sumphamith Waterfall. It looks like a white and soft silk, a majestic beauty. Return to the boat to Ban Nakasang and drive to Khone Phapheng Waterfall, the largest cascade on the Mekong River which is 6 km wide at this point.

Day 14 Khong Island – Preah Vihea (B,L,D at local hotel)

After a rest day in Khong Island, we will continue the tour to Cambodia. 230km riding with jungles and dirt road. We cross the Mekong River then ride to Stung Treng. Til then we will be on a difficult and quite dangerous road from Stung Treng to Beng Meancheay, dirty, very jungle and there's just some villages on the way.

We will visit Preah Vihear Temple - an ancient Hindu temple built during the period of the Khmer Empire. The temple was built at the top of Pey Tadi, a steep cliff in the Dângrêk Mountain range which are the natural border between Thailand and Cambodia. It is located near the Thai border and was previously occupied by the Thais. It also has recently been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status.

Day 15 Preah Vihea – SiemRiep

An unforgettable experience today is 270 km riding included 140 km dirt road. There's an amazing sight seeing through all the journey, jungles, villages and beautiful mountains. Few hours before we hit Siem  Reap, we may stop for losing temples in Koh Ker. Abandoned to the forests of the north, Koh Ker, capital of the Angkorian empire from AD 928 to AD 944, is now within day-trip distance of Siem Reap. We will stay in City River 3* Hotel (B, L, D)

Day 16 Siem Reap  (rest day)

A rest day after long riding on difficult and dangerous roads will make you feel relax. Siem Reap was always destined for great things. And a destination you should not miss is Angkor Wat.
Angkor Wat is the ultimate expression of Khmer genius – an awe-inspiring temple that is stunning for both its grand scale and its incredible detail. Angkor Wat – built by Suryavarman II (r 1112–52) – is the earthly representation of Mt Meru, the Mt Olympus of the Hindu faith and the abode of ancient gods. The temple is the heart and soul of Cambodia and a source of fierce national pride. Unlike the other Angkor monuments, it was never abandoned to the elements and has been in virtually continuous use since it was built.

Day 17 Siem Reap – Kompong Cham (B,L,D Hotel)

After a delicious breakfast, we will get back on the bikes. We will start our ride through the highway to reach the Angkorian Bridge in Kompong Kdey. We will then ride to one of the most hidden temples of Cambodia, the Prasat Preah Khan. These old ruins are also a must seen place  in Cambodia. Preah Khan’s history is shrouded in mystery, but it was long an important religious site, and some structures here date back to the 9th century. Both Suryavarman II, builder of Angkor Wat, and Jayavarman VII lived here at various times during their lives.

We will stay at a local hotel (B, L, D) after 250km fun riding.

Day 18 Kompong Cham – Stung Treng (230 km - B,L,D at a  local hotel)

After an interesting rest day, we will keep riding along the Mekong River to Kratie. Enjoy the scenery, the village along the river. Last ride to Stung Treng will be on sealed road. We will visit Wat Phom Sambok to see the Buddhist monasteries and enjoy the magnificent views of the surrounding countryside from the hilltop. Continue to reach the site of the freshwater river dolphins and observe the dolphins until sunset. If we missed the dolphin in Laos, we won’t miss the chance to see the dolphin at Prek Kampi as they mostly show up at this spot.


Day 19 Stung Treng – Plei ku (Viet Nam)

We start early from Stung Treng because of long road. Though Cambodia has been difficult at times, it is a truly fascinating place to ride through. The road will be dirty and quite dangerous, actually it is an exciting thing for bikers. You will get through a long diversion around a new hydro dam then get into a brand new paved road till Vietnamese border. Slow down on the riding to Pleiku city to see massive coffee and rubber fields. We will stay at Ialy 3* Hotel (B,L,D)

Day 20 Plei ku – Hoi An

Breakfast at hotel. Ride 40 km on paved road to Phu Cuong waterfall, which flows on cooled lava rock of a dead volcano millions years ago. In rainy days, water spreads out just like a horizontal silver screen, steam rising from everywhere. You should change to ride on elephant, it's interesting, must try!

After having fun with elephants, we will be back on road across Ea So National Reservations. Keep riding along to the coast road line till Hoi An. Amazing Vietnamese sea scenes can be an unforgettable experience.

Arriving to Hoi An, we will stay at Thuy Duong 3* Hotel (B,L,D)

Day 21 Hoi An (rest day)

Waking up early to enjoy the fresh air in the morning. We can hire bicycles to ride around the Hoi An Old Town. Some places you should not miss is pagodas, temples, the old houses and amazing handicraft workshop. The workshop brings together most of the traditional handcrafts of Hoi An and Quang Nam such as: weaving, pottery, lacquer...

Day 22 Hoi An – Hue 130km

Continuing the tour, we wwill follow the small road through the rice fields to visit the Marble Mountains, explore caves, pagodas on the mountains. Then we will travel through Hai Van Pass, you will be literally surrounded by clouds with stunning ocean views. Fun riding on the road and enjoy the amazing scenes on the trip to Hue.

Hue has many places that you can not miss if you visit here. Dai Noi is the most precious historical relics in Hue, which is knownd as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage dated 11-12-1993. We will visit some tombs of Vietnamese Kings: Tu Duc King, Minh Mang King... and stand on a boat seeing sunset on the Huong River.

Stay in local hotel  

Preparing to go back to Hanoi from Hue on the next day. Finish the long motorbike tour with so many memories and experiences and fun.


Tour Ends