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Northern Loop Viet Nam 9 Days


The Northern is one of 3 different parts in Vietnam but also is the oldest and has a lot of mistery need to be dicovered, not only many mountainous areas but plenty of ethnic people with colorful culture. This 9 Day Mortocycle Trip through some famous places such as Ba Be Lake, Meo Vac, Dong Van, Sapa, Than Uyen, Mai Chau, etc,  is the best fit for you if you are looking for an amazing journey

1, Ha Noi – Ba Be lake - 240km (L,D Homestay)

The amazing journey starts at 8.00 am from Hanoi to the Northeast region of Vietnam. The urban view is replaced by the rustic countryside road with plenty of rural villages between hills and rice fields. Heading up to the North and enjoying beautiful mountains scenery , you will reach to Ba Be Lake - the largest natural lake in Vietnam. The whole area is full of limestone country, lakes, waterfalls, caves and unusual rocks, which entirely make you feel comfortable after 240km of riding. We offer you a night in home stay with the Tay people in a traditional stilt house.


2, Ba Be lake – Meo Vac -  200km (B,L,D Hotel) 

The second day has shorter distance (about 200km) but probably takes more time because the road is quite dangerous. Still, the landscape of endless limestone peaks combined with idyllic scenery could impress you immediately.  If luckily, you can see the movement thought mountain peaks of the sun that draws charming sunshine. Dinner and stay at a hotel in Meo Vac.


3, MeoVac – Ha Giang - 180km (B,L,D Homestay) 

The road from Meo Vac to Ha Giang (via Dong Van) is considered as one of the most remarkable journey. You have to pass Ma Pi Lang Pass to reach to Dong Van. This staggering road clings to the edge of a wall of limestone mountains, towering hundreds of meter above Nho Que River, all of the things are so incredible.

Dong Van Town is located in the heart of Dong Van Rock Plateau, which was recognized as part of the Global Geo-Park Network. If time permits, you can take a short walk to wander the ancient streets lined with H’mong clay bricks built centuries ago. One more time, get homestay with the Tay people at Ha Giang City

4, Ha Giang – Xin Man  - 140km (B,L,D Hotel)           

After breakfast , ride straight to Xin Man- a mountainous district in the West of Ha Giang...   With the area of about 600 km2, Xin Man is the home of many ethnic minority group live on agriculture, so it famous for a lot of terrace fields from some commune such as Nam Dan, Nan Ma, Then Phang. The best time to visit Xin Man is in the harvest season- around between September and October. At that time, Xin Man creates an irresistible attraction for many visitors. Stay at a local hotel in Xin Man.


5, Xin Man – Sapa  - 140km (B,L,D Hotel) 

Goodbye Xin Man, continue the tour to Sapa with 160-km mountain road. You will come face to face with “heart-stopping” and most virgin lands on the Earth. Riding over 2,000 meter above sea level and go though an all-year cloudy area absolutely makes you think that you are in heaven. Our next stop is at Sapa, a beautiful tourist attraction that has gained elevated interest by more and more people in the world. Having lunch in Sapa. After checking in the hotel in town, we will have another short motorcycle tour along the Muong Hoa Valley where the tourist usually do walking and hiking along to visit some different village of ethnic people and take the picture of impressive terrace fields. We will be back to Sapa town at 5:00 pm.

 6, Sapa – Than Uyen - 100km (B,L,D Hotel)

After 5 days go the Northern of Vietnam, we will turn back to the southern and go to the next place ‘Than Uyen”. It is the shortest road of the entire journey, just 100km but you have to be careful because of the downhills. This is a true challenge for risk-takers but worthy trying. Stay in hotel at Than Uyen.

 7, Than Uyen – Phu Yen  -  220km (B,L,D Hotel)           

The next destination is Phu Yen Town. Take a bike to the southern and enjoy the awesome pictures of mountain and rice terrace fields. Specially, you can reach to Mu Cang Chai Rice Terrace Fields, which stretching across the mountainside, layer by layer reaching up as endless with about 2,200 hectares of rice terraces, have been recognized as one the unique landscapes of Vietnam. Besides, you also have a chance to meet  many ethnic minorities such as Thai, Tay, Man and H’mong,… Arrive in Phu Yen and stay in hotel. 

8, Phu Yen – Mai Chau - 165km (B,L,D Homestay)           

We will start in the early morning. This road across in the way down, through Da river. The scenery has lots to offer with numerous mountain hill and an endless river ready to be discovered. Da river (also called Black River) is known as the most important tributary of the Red River, its total length is nearly 910 km. We continue riding in the banks of the river and then reach Moc Chau Plateau.  The landscape becomes even more inviting as you make a turn to small road named Hua Tat pass - an old French-built road with the amazing view of mountains not to be missed. At around 4:00 pm, we arrive in Mai Chau and take a short trip to explore the town, just before dinner. Then you can choose to attend traditional Thai Dance music shows  and stay at one of Thai’s stilt house.


9, Mai Chau – Ha Noi - 150km (B,L Tour Ends) 

The last day of the journey is the day to relax after 8 days travel through hard roads. So we get breakfast at 8:00 am with fresh air of the countryside and take a tour to explore the daily life of Thai people. Then, we will arrange to get back in Hanoi at around 4.00 pm, so you don’t need be worry about traffic jam.