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Ha Noi Motorbike tour 1 Day


Once you come to Vietnam, the best way to learn about the culture is visiting highlight and ancient places, especially Duong Lam Village, which is still remainedVietnam's tradition from 17th centuryIt is home to many of the Kings and Princess. Duong Lam became the firsthistoric national villageto be recognized In Vietnamin 2006.About 50 km away from Hanoi, just 1 day with a motorbike, you can explore the beauty of this scenic places.

At about 8:00, starting from the center of Hanoi Capital, you can ride towards Son Tay District, along the bank of the romantic Hong River. The view on the road is quite beautiful and the air is so fresh.

Arrive to Duong Lam, you can stop at a tea store of an old woman, opposite the MongPhu village gate, enjoy green tea and some peanut candies.

At 11:00, walking around the village, visit some ancient houses, enjoy thepoetic atmosphere in the countryside, so quietrelax and peaceful. MongPhuTemple was built 380 years ago, bearing the stamp of the architecture of Viet - Muong. You can visit popular houses of people in the village such as: Mr. Huyen's house, Mr. Hung's house and Mrs. Lan's.

At 12:30, having lunch. The most exciting thing is having lunch with a family in an ancient house Which will make you forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

In the afternoon, you can visit Kings' templessuch as Phung Hung's Temple, Ngo Quyen's Temple and Tomb.andthe Queen Mia Pagoda. The monument of Giang Van Minh Temple is one ofspecial/featured places to visit and learn about the history Vietnam of many domestic and foreign tourists.

Mia pagoda is located at a fork in the road to the tomb and temple, worship the Queen Mia. It was builted by many objects made of bronze, wood or clay. The atmosphere isquiet and grave.

After visiting and learn something about the culture of Vietnam, you can take a break in a cafe with your friends, sharing your feelings about this peaceful village. Then prepare to come back to Hanoi.

At 16:30, ride back to Hanoi, on the road you also can visit Va Temple and Son Tay Citadel.

Va Temple is also known as East Palace. From the top looking down, the entire temple area is located on a low hill surrounded by hundreds-years-old ironwood trees and timber trees, the view is absolutly amazing.

Son Tay Citadel is the most unique laterite citadel in Vietnam. By now, this is among the rare citadels still intact.